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New Zealand beef

The climate, clean air and abundant clear water in New Zealand lead to lush green pastures all year round. Here, the animals can move freely all year round and have access to canned fodder such as hay and silage fodder when needed. The animals can eat and live as they would in the wild, reducing stress and promoting animal welfare. It is lean, has a fine texture and a very good nutritional value. Compared to meat from cereal-based feed, meat from grazing livestock has less saturated fatty acids and more vitamins A and E, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. No trees have been felled for these animals, nor has a stable ever been heated.

Dry aged fillet and rump steak from Franconian pasture cattle

Our Franconian meat comes exclusively from heifers. A heifer is a sexually mature female cattle until the first calving. The meat is of excellent quality. The animal builds up energy reserves in the form of fat, which in the best case is distributed in a fine marbling in the meat. This marbling results in the meat being very aromatic. In addition, the muscle fibres of female cattle are finer than those of male cattle. In dry-aging, the meat matures in pieces directly on the bone. In special maturing chambers or cabinets under controlled conditions and according to traditional craftsmanship, the meat matures for at least 10 weeks. The dry-ageing process is considerably more expensive, as production requires more location and time. Dry-ageing removes liquid from the piece, which on the one hand intensifies the taste, but on the other hand also leads to a loss of weight and thus to a higher price. Only the finest pieces of selected cattle are used for this elaborate process.

Argentinean fillet and juicy ribeye

The best that a beef has to offer is the fillet. The tenderest and most sought-after part of the beef has a share of about 2% of the total beef and is also called loin. Argentinean meat is of the highest quality and originates from the endless pastures of the Argentinean pampas, where Black Angus cattle grow up naturally in a natural environment with clear water, clean air and lush grass. These conditions are the basis for their exceptional taste. The Black Angus cattle breed delivers fine, tender and tasty meat of excellent quality.

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